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Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.


Moe Shabasy has specialized in luxury properties and at Keller Williams Santa Clara, Moe is recognized to be a distinguishable permanent agent. Being recognized as a certified Real Estate professional, Moe has resided in the Bay Area for more than 10 years where he practices his career. In his career, Moe is accredited as the top-ranked Real Estate agent in Keller Williams Santa Clara. Moe is a realtor whose confidence, working styles, familiarity with real estate transactions, and expertise enable him to represents the customer’s interests. Most clients appreciate his skills and professionalism as they are helped through real estate transactions.

Apart from being a realtor, Moe owns a private staging firm that helps clients to meet their needs along with his realtor profession. More has expanded his skills and knowledge by upgrading to being an interior consultant. These skills were gained after he became interested in interior design and started to gain knowledge on the same. Also, Moe became conversant in the field as an interior consultant by traveling around various nations in the world and learning the various interior styles. He also learns the requirements that one needs to meet to become a successful interior consultant with the aim of helping people to achieve their living goals such as owning one’s dream house.

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